Stockley Foodservice - Exceeding Expectations
We are an independent multi-temperature wholesaler supplying Pubs, Schools, Cafes,
Restaurants, Sandwich Bars, Location Caterers and Takeaways. Our one stop shop concept enables us to offer our customers a full range of over 1,000 products for distribution on your allocated delivery day.
Why should you choose
Stockley Foodservice
We operate a new long wheel based Transit Van built by Fridgevans 2 Go with a split compartment which has a movable partition which enables us to change the size of the frozen and chilled compartments depending on the break down of frozen and chilled foods.
We also have a Transcan Data Logger fitted which enables us to print you a delivery ticket with the recorded temperature of the frozen and chilled compartments.
The delivery ticket is also time stamped with the vehicle registration and company name for your records.
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